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Beyond Yes

The twin elements for improved
people performance

co-authored by: Allan Parker, Peter Fritz and Sherry Stumm

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Resolving disputes, whether professional or personal, is often seen to be difficult - vested interests, passions, opinions and history can all conspire against you. Yet a strong network of advisors and supporters can make the difference between success and failure in any negotiation.

Building on the foundations of the negotiation classic, Getting to Yes, the authors of Beyond Yes offer a new strategy for improved business performance. Combining the need for sound negotiation skills with the art of building alliances and strong long-term networks, Beyond Yes provides indispensable information on how to:

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What others have said...

"Beyond Yes is compulsory reading for anyone in government, business or the public service who wants to understand the power of negotiation and the need for networking in today's dynamic world. In business, sufficient capital and a good product have never been a guaranteed recipe for success. There has always been another ingredient. That ingredient is set out clearly in Beyond Yes as the twin skills of negotiating and networking. Anyone wishing to succeed will ignore this book at their peril!"

The Honourable David Beddall MP

"Beyond Yes is an eye opener for me. It is the first time I have seen a business book build long-term, lasting relationships into its strategy for effectiveness. It is one of the few books which shows an understanding that success (monetary or otherwise) is a by-product of building substantial relationships with people. The multitude of tips and techniques, substantive though they are in their own right, are (almost) a by-product in this excellent work. The authors are to be commended for this valuable contribution to the understanding and use of successful business strategies."

Peter Wildblood, author, Leading From Within

"What a pleasure to read a book which combines the skills of networking with negotiation. I am constantly travelling, and both play an integral part in all my business dealings. Beyond Yes has given me some valuable tips on how to improve my personal skills in these areas and is a valuable book jammed with useful business information."

Dr I. William Lane

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