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The Negotiators Toolkit Book & CD Set

A Practical Guide to Success in the
Home, Office, Factory & Boardroom

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We are constantly negotiating with ourselves and others both inside and outside the workplace. Deciding with your family which movie to see, a board meeting, vendor pricing, pre-nuptial agreements, discussing a new job package with an employer or deciding what time to go to the gym; they all come under the general category of negotiation.

Negotiation is occurring whenever we are interacting with the intent of generating some sort of mutual agreement (including when it is internal agreement with ourselves).

It is probably fair to say that you can govern the success of your life by the success of your negotiations. Having the necessary tools is therefore a determining factor in the outcomes we produce.

The Negotiator's Toolkit book presents you with negotiation tools that are  required in all situations. They are tools that will assist you in gaining more agreement, increasing co-operation and making more sales.

The Negotiator's Toolkit CD Set supplements the tools presented in the book. On the CDs a professional journalist, Walter Peatson, interviews Allan about every chapter of the book.

Walter asks Allan questions to further clarify meaning and application. He asks questions about how things can be applied in specific real world situations, circumstances and with specific types of people; plus questions from varied perspectives i.e. a staff member regarding a manager and vice versa and in a range of industries. He also asks "what if" questions i.e. "what if this didn't work - what would I do next?".

If you wish to deepen your understanding and further integrate Allan's negotiation tools into your repertoire you will find the CD set immensely helpful.

Following are some testimonials regarding this book and CD set, the book contents list and links to three chapter excepts so that you can sample the book for yourself.

The book and CD set can be purchased individually or together.

Pricing details are on the order form.

What others have said ...

"In a book which has been long awaited by Allan's clients and colleagues, The Negotiator's Toolkit lucidly explores the 'subterranean' world of negotiation. Drawing upon a wealth of knowledge in the area of communication, Allan demystifies the elusive factors which can make or break a negotiation. His book delves into the territory which many other texts and trainers refer to simply as 'craft knowledge.' Reading and artfully applying the tools will present a fresh meaning to the words flexibility and agreement."

Andrew Heys, Conflict Management
Consultant and Lecturer

"Finally, a book that contains original ideas on negotiation and takes us beyond Getting to Yes. The concentration on areas of agreement rather than of conflict changes the dynamics of a negotiation."

Professor Jennifer David, Faculty of Law
Australian National University

"I found The Negotiator's Toolkit to be immensely practical and immediately useable in the boardroom as well as at home with the kids."

Madeline Lester, Federal President
Design Institute of Australia

"Clear, powerful and instantly useable skills that I can
apply everyday to get the results I am after."

Trish Barrett, Human Resource Director, SAP Australia

"Allan Parker's book describes and prescribes how truly successful business people will communicate well into the next decade. This book is intelligent, respectful and professionally sensitive. Congratulations! You have put your presentation magic into print."

Greg Smith, Managing Director, Juvena Australia

"The skills in The Negotiator's Toolkit have produced immediate results and I now have many ways of handling any business negotiation both internally and externally."

Jerry Ryan, Managing Director, Modus Media Australia

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(click on marked chapters to read excerpts)

  1. Understanding Some Basic Rules
  2. Negotiating Styles
  3. The Ten Magic Tools
  4. Tool # 1 Listening
  5. Tool # 2 Questioning
  6. Tool # 3 Hats, People, Emotions and Perceptions
  7. Tool # 4 Understanding Logical Levels
  8. Tool # 5 Relationship & Rapport Building
  9. Tool # 6 Planning, Doing & Reviewing
  10. Tool # 7 Setting Frames & Structures
  11. Tool # 8 Getting Your Thinking Ready
  12. Tool # 9 Handling Emotional States
  13. Tool # 10 Pulling It All Together

Available separately as a book or with the 3 CD set.

Pricing details are on the order form.