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About the Speakers on 27 November

Dr Stephanie Burns - a world leader in the field of adult learning and deep skill development and transference

(Note; as well as speaking on 27 November, Dr Burns is also running the 1 day workshop on 28 November)

Stephanie Burns Photo

To those who know her and her work, Stephanie Burns is something of an icon. Stephanie has taken a life path few could tread. Devoting her life to achieving a greater understanding of the learning process and what affects human motivation. Stephanie's work has not only dispelled many myths that surround these important areas, but has broken new ground in terms of the way we think about learning, motivation and teaching.

Her prime motive in all her professional efforts is a genuine interest in helping people get where it is they say they want to go.

Stephanie was born in the U.S. and has been a resident of Australia since 1987. She lives on the northern beaches of Sydney. Today Stephanie spends much of her time guiding students through uniquely crafted learning experiences online.

You can always find her hanging out with students in her virtual online office at

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Amanda Gore - Transforming People and Cultures from the Inside-Out

Amanda Gore Photo

For more than 20 years, Amanda Gore has been one of America's and Australia's most admired professional speakers. Her expertise is in transforming the spirit of people and cultures by changing attitudes, improving relationships, connecting people, managing change, leadership, innovation, and team dynamics.

A native Aussie, Amanda has a unique ability to connect, entertain, educate, and involve the audience so they laugh and learn effective, new skills that have long- term impact. Her thoughtful and intelligent assessment of what it takes to be your best and keep a positive spirit, no matter what the circumstances, led Amanda to speaking internationally to all types of corporations, groups and associations.

Author of four books and several video and audio training programs, Amanda has a bachelor's degree in physical therapy, a major in psychology, and expertise in ergonomics, stress management, group dynamics, neurolinguistics, and occupational health.

Amanda explores the mind-body connection to inspire people to lead, work and live more effectively through emotional and social intelligence, better relationships and connections, enthusiasm, great attitudes, less stress, and more joy!

Amanda's programs change the tone of your conference, whether by kick-starting it with laughter, breaking down barriers to connect the group, or sending your attendees off on an emotional and inspired high.

She is a master at carefully orchestrating each presentation to ensure it links into your key business drivers, maximizing return on investment. With Amanda's skills in group dynamics, adult learning, relevant content and humour, attendees start changing their behaviour immediately and continue using the techniques and strategies they learned.

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Marvin Oka - a highly sought after international consultant and speaker specialising in business and management applications of leading edge ‘behavioural change’ technologies and research

Marvin Oka Photo

Recognised a world leader and authority in his field, Marvin has built an impressive track record over the last 22 years helping organisations with strategic, systemic and cultural change within dynamically complex business environments. Marvin's clients range from private enterprises to government agencies throughout Australia, New Zealand, Southeast Asia, North America, Europe and the Middle East.

Marvin's professional background is in an innovative and groundbreaking field know as 'Behaviour Modelling'. This exciting field examines various forms of human talent, ability and expertise, and then seeks to create models and methods to replicate these forms of superior performance in others. Behavioural Modelling is essentially a 'behavioural change' technology that can be applied to dramatically improve human performance in the areas of thinking skills, emotional intelligence, physical skills, and overall ways of being (character development).

Marvin is the only Behavioural Modelling practitioner in his field specialising in the related areas of leadership organisational culture shaping, communications, strategic thinking and systemic change. He is only one of five people in the world who has been recognised by his peers with the rare title of 'Certified Master Behavioural Modeller'. Additionally Marvin was one of the first five people to achieve the accredited status of a 'Certified NLP Master Trainer' in the field of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), and at that time was the youngest to ever have reached this level of professional competency.

Born in Honolulu, Hawaii and now living in Australia since 1987, Marvin is one of the founding Directors of the International NLP Trainers Association (INLPTA) based in Washington, DC, and with representation in over 42 countries worldwide. Marvin is a past member of the Board of Directors of Maxxum International Training and Research Pty Ltd and currently is Executive Director of Behavioural Modelling Research Pty Ltd.

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Colin James - often described as Australia's leading trainer and presenter in the field of leadership and communication

Colin James photo

Colin is one of Australia's principal Corporate Trainers. He conducts training with an extensive array of clients throughout the Asia Pacific and US, across a diverse range of themes and skill sets.

Colin works in industries as diverse as finance, petroleum, retail, information technology, aviation, banking, and pharmaceuticals. In addition, Colin works extensively with the Commonwealth and several State Governments as well as providing reduced cost services to select non-government organizations.

As a Conference Facilitator, Colin conducts events ranging from international conferences with 1000+ delegates through to strategic workshops for Executive Teams. Amongst the many conferences Colin has facilitated was the recent forum on Spinal Cord research with Christopher Reeve. Colin has been described by Derek Williams (President of Oracle Asia Pacific), as the "World's best Facilitator".

Colin's approach is distinguished by the intellectual depth he brings to each engagement, underscored by sophisticated delivery methodologies which incorporate Accelerated Learning techniques. Extensive evaluations of his training programs show demonstrable return on client investment, reflected in measurable learning transfer. His long term relationships (up to 10 years) with clients result from their satisfaction with these returns.

In the training Industry itself, Colin is recognized as the 'Trainers' Trainer'. Colin conducts advanced development programs for professional trainers and facilitators throughout the Asia Pacific and the US. He is also sought out as a keynote and conference speaker and facilitator, bringing a fresh, challenging approach to the business of marketing, selling, persuasion and influence. Colin was a keynote speaker at the 15th Annual Convention of the National Speakers Association of Australia, held in March 2005.

Colin has also illustrated several books and had illustrations and cartoons published worldwide. Having studied Law in South Africa, he arrived in Australia in 1982. He is a Director and Principal Trainer of Altmore International, the training company he established in 1989. Before establishing Altmore, his career development spanned the diverse fields of broadcasting, retail fashion and marketing.

Colin's approach to his work, as to his life, is premised on the values of honesty, directness, integrity and reliability. Within this, Colin brings a profound commitment to realizing, in collaboration with the client and each participant, outcomes which enhance the personal as well as the professional capacities of people.

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