Bringing Learning Alive Course Details

About Us

Allan Parker

The Innovative, Interactive Learning, Training and Facilitation 2 Day Program

This is a public course designed to YOUR needs – now that’s NEW.

The goals of this new course are to:

  • make day to day learning and development in the work place more fun, dynamic and interactive
  • bring life and variety into your training sessions
  • enable more energetic and innovative meetings, and to produce leading edge thinking and richer ideas from your planning sessions
  • assist you if you have been told you now need to be someone’s ‘coach’ and you want to be distinctive and creative about HOW you do that (or you haven’t got a clue!)
  • STIMULATE skills and new behaviours turning up in your workplace after the training has happened
  • enable you to facilitate a strategy meeting with a difference

What you will learn and do:

  • 30 specific skills for managing and energising a group
  • 5 multi-sensory ways to deliver the same information / message
  • 10 methods for teaching a new skill or behaviour
  • 5 techniques for GETTING ENGAGEMENT & holding attention
  • 6 step formula for running fast moving, creative, DECISIVE, result orientated meetings
  • 6 safe tips for running innovative, free flowing, sexy idea generating, no limits brainstorming sessions
  • And you will learn how to use all of the above to facilitate your next team building off-site or meeting and never use an external consultant again.

This program is designed for:

  • Anyone in a leadership role
  • Innovators and creators
  • Coaches
  • Trainers
  • HR Managers
  • O.D. Managers/Facilitators
  • Educators
  • L&D Specialists and Managers
  • Meeting leaders, chairs, facilitators
  • Strategy facilitators
  • Experienced Trainers and Facilitators – ones who have become a bit stale
  • And those indulgent people who just want to learn a new set of skills and have a lot of fun learning them.

What Client Say

  • Allan Parker opens up new channels of information; unlocks the secrets of bringing learning alive; and he is the stamp of creativity. Allan Parker’s course is a small investment that will deliver tremendous benefits. Allan is as good as it gets.

    Denise Plessas – Ingram Micro

  • Bringing Learning Alive was terrific. As a professional trainer, facilitator and coach I got enormous value from the program. Allan’s skill, versatility and charisma had us eating up the content and well designed exercises that supported it. I would highly recommend the program.

    Jon Pratlett – Trainer, Speaker, Facilitator & Coach


  • I love Allan’s eclectic style, which means I’m never bored during his sessions. In a seemingly effortless way he keeps his audience enthralled, while at the same time demonstrating a huge range of methods of enabling learning.

    SheilaO’Donovan – NSW Ombudsman’s Office