Peak Performance

Mastering the Magic of Presentation Skills – Brisbane


Allan Parker


If you have thought or dreamt about standing in front of an audience with confidence, presenting with consummate ease, compelling the audience’s attention, influencing AND enjoying every moment – then this course is for you. 

MASTERING the MAGIC of PRESENTATION and FACILITATION SKILLS has turned that dream into reality for so many.

Mastering the Magic of Presentation Skills offers:

  • Exciting and stimulating changes to your presenting skills.
  • The latest and most sophisticated presentation and communication strategies.
  • An understanding of how we learn and how to teach to the different ways we learn.
  • How to design and present a compelling proposition.
  • Unique approach to assessing audience responses and responding to those.
  • The art of making a powerful and confident first impression and how to hold it throughout.
  • The flexibility to be entertaining, clear, serious, humorous, dynamic and sensitive.
  • The keys to create rapport with your audience.
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