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Putting the PAST in the PAST – Turning Down Trauma


Allan Parker

Do you find yourself in the past too often?

  • Are you spending more time there than you need to?
  • Do you find the past revisits you when you least need it or it wakes you up?
  • Do you talk about having broken or interrupted night sleeps?
  • Putting the PAST in the PAST will turn your above “Yes” answers to “No”
This new process, blends behaviour change, neuroscience spatial intelligence and the language patterns to rewire and reset your brain. 



  • More time in the present = more aware
  • Practical tools to allow more choices emotionally
  • Worry less about what happened and let go sooner
  • 5 tools to reduce the emotional impact of the past
  • LET GO, LEARN, FORGIVE, BE FREE & see a lighter and clearer future


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