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Allan Parker


This course will train you to train others in one or more of Allan Parker’s courses; The Negotiator’s Toolkit; Mastering the Magic of Presentation Skills and Corporate NLP.

In order to attend the Train the Trainer course you must have attended at least one of the above courses in the six months prior to commencing the Train the Trainer course. You will be trained to teach others in any or all of the relevant courses you have attended during that time.

‘The Train the Trainer Program’ means that your organisation can have its own trainers in-house and licensed to conduct these courses.

The benefits to your organisation are:

  • to significantly lower the cost of training your staff
  • to make the training of negotiation, presentation and NLP more accessible to everyone in your organisation
  • to allow on-going modularised programs to be conducted so reducing time away from work and producing greater opportunity for integration
  • that you will have trainers who fully understand your business and culture conducting on-going training
  • having licensed trainers in-house will allow for follow up sessions and on-going coaching

All of these factors mean greater application of the skills in the work place, positive cultural impact and more efficient use of time and training budgets.

What will be covered:

  • Elements of variation and additional materials and exercises for each course allowing you to vary the contents to suit your group’s needs
  • The philosophy, design, purpose, outcomes and methodology of each course
  • Presentation and facilitation requirements, process variations and subtleties
  • Delivery and assessment

Who should attend?

  • Managers and executives whose staff need to produce significant revenue from situations involving negotiation and presentation
  • Any manager whose key result areas or key result indicators are dependent on regular, sophisticated or complex negotiations or presentations
  • All training professionals wishing to leverage their training effectiveness and budgets
  • Independent training consultants who wish to have access to and use of tried, tested and creditable negotiation, presentation and NLP skills training products
  • H.R. professionals and academics
  • Dispute resolution professionals and academics
  • Sales executives and sales trainers

Details of licensing agreement

‘A pay as you use’ approach will apply to ensure ease and simplicity. Each time a certified trainer is going to conduct a course (2 days) they will advise Peak Performance Development and order the required number of training manuals (ie one manual per person). A fee of AU$165.00 inc GST per manual will be charged to the trainer or organisation.

No other licensing fee will apply. Peak Performance Development will then manage reproduction and delivery of manuals to the trainer/trainer’s organisation or venue.

Certified trainers will also be able to purchase copies of Negotiator’s Toolkit books at $16.50 inc GST (recommended retail $27.45 inc GST).