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A selection of course testimonials follow. Additional testimonials can be read on the individual course pages under Public Workshops.

“Finally, Beyond Yes is a book that contains original ideas on negotiation and takes us beyond Getting to Yes. The concentration on areas of agreement rather than of conflict changes the dynamics of a negotiation.”

Professor Jennifer David

Australian National University on The Negotiator's Toolkit

Beyond Yes is compulsory reading for anyone in government, business or the public service who wants to understand the power of negotiation and the need for networking in today’s dynamic world. In business, sufflcient capital and a good product have never been a guaranteed recipe for success. There has always been anoth er ingredient. That ingredient is set out clearly in Beyond Yes as the twin skills of negotiating and networking. Anyone wishing to succeed will ignore this book at their peril!”

The Honourable David Beddall, MP on Beyond Yes

MP on Beyond Yes