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Learning to Coach | Coaching to Learn Online Program

Online Learning to Coach | Coaching to Learn

A new realm

By liberating learning using neuroscience

New online learning laboratory

24/7 – self paced


For everyone who wants to discover learning your way

The “way” of learning fits the learner not the learner fitting “the way”

Out with the old rules in with the multi sensory brain stimulation choices

Parent/child model out – Peer learning partners in

10 Modules

Module 1: Know your Best Coach – Your Brain

Module 2: Curiosity – Learning Fuel

Module 3: Coaching to Learn, Be Living Example

Module 4: Two Ways of Learning x 6

Module 5: Why, What, How of Learning

Module 6: Stress Reduction And Anxiety

Module 7: Deepening Desire to Learn

Module 8: Freeing the Explorer. Experimenter, Discoverer, Inventor

Module 9: Be the Lesson

Module 10: Mapping What Works

Allan Parker OAM & Michael Swinsburg Workshops – Virtual/Hybrid/Face to Face Meetings

Swinsburg and Parker bring new frameworks, processes and behaviour codes to produce streamlined meetings that strengthen teams and in turn strengthens cohesion and performance.
A systemic approach to having large numbers of people finding agreement without having the power brokers and endless verbiage – real agreement.
Tuesday 29th June – Introduction to Successful Virtual Meetings
Tuesday 13th July – Running Energetic Virtual Groups
Tuesday 10th August – Gaining Consensus Online Quickly

Australian Virtual and Global Virtual Experimental Laboratories

2 Hours Every 2 Weeks

  • Great thinkers from across the globe
  • Hugely diverse backgrounds, industries and cultures
  • World first innovations
  • Billions of neutrons ready and waiting
  • Enhance six types of memory/ thinking
  • New thinking, brave new business choices
  • Brains trust to cherish

Introduction to Applied Neuroscience and Liberating Learning Online Programs

Introduction to Applied Neuroscience Online Program

6 x One and a Half Hour Sessions, Rotated 3 Times, Start at Any Point


  • Getting to know about your Brain
  • How does/can/might it work
  • A listening seeing Brain = better memory
  • How to turn on new neurons to learning
  • De-stressing yours and influencing others’ Brains
  • Multi way to train the Brain and learn

Liberating Learning Self Paced Online Program

  • Coaching to learn
  • Learning to coach
  • Stimulate brain
  • Ignite curiosity
  • Understand other options for learning

Online Video Subscription. Change Your World One Behaviour at a Time


With tips and skills constantly available, they will turn up in your day to day negotiations, conversations, improving every interaction you have both at work and in your private life, simply and easily.


  • Precision listening
    Above and below the line
    The science of Questioning
    Non-Verbally shifting thinking
    Reducing Overload
    Dissolving problems and discovering Options Turning around dysfunction
    Steps to continuous improvement
    Making productive decisions
    Considered and Sensitive Conversations

Organisational and multipurpose user options available. Contact us to discuss how this program can be housed on your learning portal.

Investment Details

Investment for Allan Parker 2 day courses

  • $1,800.00 + GST per person
  • $1,100.00 + GST per person if 3 or more people register at the same time from the same organisation
  • $900.00 + GST per person if you wish to repeat one of Allan Parker’s public courses that you have previously attended
  • Includes: 2 days of training, training manual, lunch and refreshments

Terms for all courses:

  • Places in courses are limited and pre-payment is required to secure your place.
  • Payment can be made by credit card or invoice and direct deposit.
  • If a confirmed participant is unable to attend you may delegate a replacement to attend or receive a 50% refund on the booking.
  • A booking can be transferred from one event to another with an additional fee of 50% of the original fee charged.
  • There is no refund for cancellations made on the day of the course.