Workshops with Allan Parker


This course will train you to train others in one or more of Allan Parker's courses; The Negotiator's Toolkit; Mastering the Magic of Presentation Skills and Corporate NLP.

In order to attend the Train the Trainer course you must have attended at least one of the above courses in the six months prior to commencing the Train the Trainer course. You will be trained to teach others in any or all of the relevant courses you have attended during that time.

'The Train the Trainer Program' means that your organisation can have its own trainers in-house and licensed to conduct these courses.

The benefits to your organisation are:

All of these factors mean greater application of the skills in the work place, positive cultural impact and more efficient use of time and training budgets.

What will be covered:

Who should attend?

Details of licensing agreement

'A pay as you use' approach will apply to ensure ease and simplicity. Each time a certified trainer is going to conduct a course (2 days) they will advise Peak Performance Development and order the required number of training manuals (ie one manual per person). A fee of AU$165.00 inc GST per manual will be charged to the trainer or organisation.

No other licensing fee will apply. Peak Performance Development will then manage reproduction and delivery of manuals to the trainer/trainer’s organisation or venue.

Certified trainers will also be able to purchase copies of Negotiator’s Toolkit books at $16.50 inc GST (recommended retail $27.45 inc GST).


"An opportunity not to be missed. These were my first thoughts when I heard about Allan Parker’s plan to conduct a Train the Trainer program for his world reknown Negotiator’s Toolkit course. I am pleased to say that my initial thoughts have been confirmed and the course has exceeded all my expectations.
One of the best things I like about this course is that it can be undertaken by persons with different levels of existing skills. Allan has this wonderful ability to get his message across at all levels and makes everyone feel a vital part of the course. As such you can be the most experienced negotiator/trainer or have very little prior knowledge and both be able to learn a great deal."

Trevor Slater, Negotiations Manager, AMP Customer Relations (currently Case Manager, Financial Industrial Complaints Service)

"We were pitching for some big contracts in Asia, and Allan’s ability to turn a public program into one’s own special coaching session was impeccable. I felt as though the program was designed for my needs, and it seemed all the participants felt that way. It was sophisticated and completely altered my perceptions, expanded my thinking and blew away my mental models of negotiation. My subsequent work in Asia returned to me the fee many times over."

Nancy Hromin, Principal, Strikezone Publishing

"For the past 20 years I have been a lawyer representing clients in many negotiations some of which have involved settlements of multi-million dollar claims. For the past 10 years I have also been a professional mediator. In that capacity I have mediated industrial, commercial, building, contractual, environmental and family disputes. Allan's training has taken my skill levels to a new level. I have already implemented much of what he has taught me. It is making a significant difference in the outcomes I am achieving.

Through his program Allan has presented me with a new Agreement Focused Model, which he has personally developed. I am now using this model professionally and also in my dealings with family and friends. I have already observed that the model completely changes the normal competitive dynamics that exist in most negotiations. It is incredibly powerful and far more effective than any other model I have used in the past. It would be invaluable to anyone involved in high-level business negotiations."

John Sautelle, Professional Mediator and Lawyer
Sautelle Consulting (currently Principal, PerformGroup)

"Allan Parker is the master of negotiation. I know of no one better to ‘train the trainer’ on the concepts and techniques of this important tool. It will be the best investment you’ve made for a long time!"

Candy Tymson, Speaker, Business Educator and author of "Gender Games: Doing Business with the Opposite Sex"

'As a high school principal my life is based on negotiation with parents, students, staff, community, unions. Just about anyone who has an interest in education. I attended a two day course on Negotiation Skills with Allan Parker and Peter Fritz at the University of Technology. The Negotiation Skills course was the best course I have attended in five years until I did the Negotiatior’s Toolkit Train the Trainer course. From the first course I used 50% to 75% of the skills learned in the course. I went to the Train the Trainer course to improve and extend my skills from the original course. I did. Immensely! I probably doubled them. And I was presented with a whole new skill set to master and improve in the future. Another 100% of skills to develop. The integration of theory, practice, and approaches makes the course absolutely enjoyable and improves personal effectiveness not just in work but in everyday life. The Negotiator’s Toolkit Train the Trainer course is now the best course that I have attended.'

John Craig, Principal, Blacktown Boys High School
(currently Principal, J & L Consulting)

'Allan Parker is an exceptional facilitator and communicator. He has an enormous knowledge and a wealth of experience in negotiation, influencing and human dynamics. These factors have combined to make the Negotiator’s Toolkit Train the Trainer course one of the most impactful programs I have attended. Not only have I learnt about the application of negotiation and influencing skills in a personal and business setting, but I have developed some interesting new facilitation skills and learnt a lot about myself. I can recommend the program to anyone who is interested in learning invaluable skills in a unique learning setting.'

Tony van Rensburg, Performance Consultant, Dynamical Workplaces (currently Principal, PerformGroup)