Peak Performance

Peak Performance:
Negotiation & Communication Skills Consulting.

Want to Learn How we mobilise

Human Potential
in Individuals, Teams

and Organisations by Shifting the Boundaries of Possibility in
Thinking, Strategising and Behaving?


Our Services include Consulting, Training, Conference key note addresses, Assessing
and managing disputes and Public programs.


Negotiation assessing, strategising and implementing. Facilitating organisational diagnosis, review, change ….


Negotiation Skills. The Negotiator’s Toolkit Train the Trainer Program. Managing Conflict ….

Conference key note address

Negotiation Skills. The Negotiator’s Toolkit Train the Trainer Program. Managing Conflict ….

Public Programs

The Negotiator’s Toolkit. Corporate NLP. Mastering the Magic of Presentation Skills. Train the Trainer ….


Arrow Allan works with clients to discuss the techniques of communication and negotiation in a series of events and workshops. The events and workshops can be held virtually or in your office. There are also public events and workshops that are held in central locations throughout Australia from capital cities to regional areas. Come and learn how to successfully negotiate agreements or become the trainer that trains the trainer.

Complex Agreement Negotiating (CAN) Virtual Program

12 weeks x 2 hours per week commencing 26th October 2022

Video of The Week

Welcome to our Video of the Week section, where we bring you valuable insights and inspiration in the areas of negotiation, organisational change facilitation, training, and dispute management. We carefully curate a selection of videos that explore key concepts, strategies, and success stories in these fields. Whether you’re looking to enhance your negotiation skills, navigate organisational transformations, optimise training methodologies, or effectively manage disputes, our videos provide practical knowledge and expert perspectives. 

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