About Us

Allan Parker

Our Vision is to enhance both the performance and quality of life of individuals, teams and organisations to positively affect real and lasting results through richer thinking, more artful communication, negotiation and interactions.

Our Values

We commit to living by these values as working colleagues, as consultants, trainers and mediators:

  • Respecting the thoughts and feelings of others
  • Building honest, caring and rewarding relationships
  • Creating environments that foster a thirst for learning and improving
  • Working toward congruence of values and behaviours
  • Taking into consideration all parts of the whole
  • Embodying generosity in spirit and practice

Our Philosophy

emphasises the importance of:

  • potentiality being evolved constantly
  • encouraging better health and attitudes in people and organizations
  • fostering commitment, collegiality and care
  • improving values, thinking and performance

In the belief that they significantly contribute to quality of life and improved work performance.

We believe companies who skill up their people, and provide a supportive environment with appropriate positive feedback, are better able to handle social, technological and strategically driven change.

Companies that operate in this way act as a catalyst to draw out the untapped potential that lives in every person, team and organisation.