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Our Services include Consulting, Training, Conference key note addresses, Assessing and managing disputes and Public programs.

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Negotiation assessing, strategising and implementing. Facilitating organisational diagnosis, review, change ….

Conference key note address

Negotiation. Dispute Management. Dynamics of Change. Creating exceptional performance.


Negotiation Skills. The Negotiator’s Toolkit Train the Trainer Program. Managing Conflict ….

Public Programs

The Negotiator’s Toolkit. Corporate NLP. Mastering the Magic of Presentation Skills. Train the Trainer ….

Our Events

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SUCCESSION NEGOTIATION Virtual Workshop commencing 30th May

2 Hours fortnightly x 10 weeks

In a world that is changing at an ever-increasing rate, we too need to keep progressing, simply to keep pace with our external world. Succession Negotiation helps address the needs of individuals, groups and communities for a more successful succession option and workable plans for the collective future.

From Business as Usual to Transition to Transformation to Co- creation through Partnerships as a new way of functioning, thinking, integrating and improving collectively as a way of “being”



  • Understand the key success elements
  • Know when to compete and when to cooperate
  • Learn the skills for every negotiation
  • Learn the art of assessing and shifting perception
  • Know how to response to prevent dispute and create rapport, clarity agreement and cooperation
  • Know the framework, guidelines and behaviours to a successful succession through skillful cooperative negotiation
  • Learn how we can use reframing to make our own experience a positive one
  • Be able to extend our comfort zone and do new things, interact with different, difficult people, try on new beliefs, new attitudes and perspectives.


Dates & TIME

All 10:30AM – 12:30AM NSW

  • Tuesday, 30th May
  • Tuesday, 13th June
  • Tuesday, 27th June
  • Tuesday, 11th July
  • Tuesday, 25th July
  • Wednesday, 9th August
  • Tuesday, 22nd August
  • Tuesday, 5th September
  • Tuesday, 19th September
  • Tuesday, 3rd October



$1,200 + GST if paid by 31st March
$1,300 + GST if paid by 14th April
$1,400 + GST if paid by 28th April
$1,500 + GST per person if paid after 1st May
$1,000 + GST per person for 2 or more from the same organisation

  • BRAIN SCIENCE FOR LEADERS – Sydney & Brisbane
  • 2023 Public Programs
  • 40th Year Reunion of Peak Performance & Allan Parker OAM
  • Learning to Coach | Coaching to Learn Online Program
  • Online Video Subscription. Change Your World One Behaviour at a Time

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More Info

Selective Behaviour Modelling (SBM)

A new approach to embedding behaviours reliably and predictably into large numbers of people to support culture change with empirical measurement. SBM has been designed by Australian Behavioural Scientist.

Allan Parker

Selective Behaviour
Modelling (SBM)

What Clients Say

  • Allan’s training and consulting style is unique. His sessions are best summed up in the following quotes:

    “I have had the pleasure of working with Allan Parker over the last 15 years in steering companies to become learning organizations in which the full array of his presentation, knowledge and skill transference capabilities have been utilized and these have left an enduring effect on all those who have participated. More recently we have worked together on a sports team to improve communication, remove mental models and build a shared vision — again with positive results.”

    Peter Lepparde,Chief Executive

    Strathearn Insurance Brokers (NSW)

  • Allan’s training and consulting style is unique. His sessions are best summed up in the following quotes:

    “Allan Parker is a gifted presenter and trainer. The best I have ever experienced. His MasterClass (“Handling Aggression Non-verbally”) at our National Conference was the most highly rated of the 20 sessions. We are excited that Allan is developing a special negotiations and communication two day intensive to be delivered nationwide to our members – senior partners and directors from accounting and law firms.”

    Mike Lotzof,CEO

    Insolvency Practitioners Association of Australia

  • Allan’s training and consulting style is unique. His sessions are best summed up in the following quotes:

    “. . . they are events which have a curious combination of theatre, education and self transformation. His approach is to build a base grounded in feelings of spontaneity, openness, warmth and generosity among the participants; he manages this without being contrived or manipulative. He has an excellent understanding of how to design a workshop which has natural rhythm and flow. He is prepared to improvise around a theme, or even to change direction if the mood of the group dictates. He can be humorous, clever, challenging, empathic and serious: His sessions are not for the emotionally squeamish or excessively defensive.”

    Professor Mark Tennant,Dean of the Faculty of Adult Education

    University of Technology, Sydney

  • Allan’s training and consulting style is unique. His sessions are best summed up in the following quotes:

    “Absolutely riveting, professional and invaluable.”

    Dr Roger Collins,

    Australian Graduate School of Management

  • Allan’s training and consulting style is unique. His sessions are best summed up in the following quotes:

    “Thank you for a wonderful presentation on Tuesday and for sharing your world and your passion with the group. The feedback in our closing session was exceptional with the request “can we have more!!”

    At the closing session it was expressed by a number of couples that the process continued for them over the next two days and that they had shared quality time, thoughts and feeling they either hadn’t done so before not at least not for a very long time. A huge success with long lasting impact for many.”

    Jill Rigney,

    The Right Mind International Pty Ltd