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Allan Parker

Allan Parker is the Managing Director of Peak Performance Development Pty Ltd, a Sydney based consultancy company, operating both within Australia and internationally, in the areas of Negotiation, Organisational Change Facilitation, Training and Dispute Management.

Allan Parker’s areas of expertise in training include Facilitation, Negotiation, Presentation Skills, Dispute Management as well as Management and Leadership Development. In consulting, his work has included the facilitation of Public Policy, Organisational Change, Strategic Planning, Corporate Restructures and Mergers with many leading organizations in Australia and internationally.

His clients have included Microsoft in 11 countries, AMP, BNP Paribas in 4 countries, Macquarie Bank in 4 countries, NSW Bar Association, Deutsche Bank, 5 different Ombudsman’s Offices in Australia and New Zealand, The Royal College of Physicians, the OECD and United Nations.

He is the co-author of the best-selling book Switch on Your Brain; author of the Negotiator’s Toolkit, and is one of the co-authors of Beyond Yes – Negotiating and Networking.

Allan was a member of the Curriculum Advisory Committee to the College of Law & Business, University of Western Sydney, who were responsible for the design, development and delivery of the Masters of Dispute Resolution. In 2000 he was appointed Adjunct Professorship at the College of Law & Business, University of Western Sydney for his contribution to the field of Negotiation and Dispute. He is also a Certified Mediator with the NSW Law Society and LEADR. Additionally, he sits on the Board of the Australian Dispute Resolution Association (ADRA). In 2013, Allan was awarded Honorary Life Membership to ADRA.

Allan was a member of the High Level Consultative Committee at the OECD that was responsible for the development and ratification of Global Policy for Small to Medium Enterprise (2000 to 2004 involving 85 OECD Countries). More recently Allan moderated 2 meetings at the United Nations World Investment Forum in Ghana, Africa.

In April 2009 the National Speakers Association of Australia awarded him with the Educator of the year Excellence Award. In 2012 he was the National Speakers Association Australia Nevin Award Recipient; Australia’s Highest Professional Speakers Award. In 2012 he also wrote Australia’s first degree in Negotiation for the Australian Catholic University. This degree was approved and accredited in March 2013

A list of Allan’s more unusual assignments is included at the bottom of this page.

Allan’s background includes study in the areas of health, adult education, counselling, social communication and dispute resolution. In addition to his professional achievements, he has been a scratch golfer and has run 16 marathons and 11 ultra Marathons (including 24 hours twice). From this diverse and interesting background he brings to his presentations and sessions a spontaneous, dynamic and somewhat unpredictable style.

Allan’s work brings him into contact with many different cultures including Papua New Guinea, China and Eastern Europe to name a few.

A balanced lifestyle and high performance means looking after work, family, body and mind.

Allan Parker – Unusual Assignments

  • In March 2019, Allan presented a Key Note at the International Arbitration and Mediation Conference in Port Moresby, PNG on ‘Mediation Promoting New Ways of Thinking: From Re-Mediation to Co-Creation – A Partnership Process’ and also a Master Class for Judges, Lawyers and Deputy Chief Justices titled ‘Influencing Thinking, Emotional State Composure, Dissolving Aggression to Maximise Cooperation and Agreement – A new approach through the neuroscience lens’
  • In June 2019 Allan was a recipient of the Order of Australia (OAM) on the recent Queens Birthday Honours List for Contribution to Business and particularly Dispute Resolution.
  • Multi-Cultural Leadership program for executives from 14 countries around the Asia Pacific region with Dow Thailand, 2015
  • In April 2011 he presented one of the Key Note addresses at the Global Speakers Federation, Global Summit in Noordwiek in Holland – “The Magic of Process”
  • In 2009 he designed and delivered a Negotiation Development Program Parts I & II for the Australian Commonwealth Government Department of Environment, Water, Heritage & the Arts. This was undertaken in line with their need to up-skill 200 senior beaurocrats to assist with the negotiation and facilitation of the ‘Australian Water Reform Program’ nationwide.
  • In April 2009 the National Speakers Association of Australia awarded Allan with the Educator of the Year Excellence Award.
  • Moderated 2 meetings at the United Nations World Investment Forum, at the UN Conference on Trade and Development in Accra, Ghana, Africa in 2008.
  • Facilitation of Risk & Safety Standards for Energy Australia relating to entering underground risk environments including preventative, operational and remedial considerations.
  • Facilitated a global, strategic anti-piracy meeting for Microsoft, Asia Pacific Region
  • Developing innovative methodologies to reduce piracy in the software industry in Seoul, Korea.
  • Taught more than fifty courses for Microsoft in various Asian countries and Greater China over the past twenty years including, Negotiation, Presentation Skills, Cross Team collaboration and Influencing without Authority.
  • Presentation on Alternative Dispute Resolution and its application in the NSW District Court. Co-presented with Prof Tania Sourdin to 20 District Court Judges.
  • NSW Bar Association, Bar Entry Course – Allan was a regular presenter over three years on the topic of Advanced Communications to barristers about to enter the Bar.
  • “De-escalating Medical Claims Disputes” (Conference Key Note Address), Independent Doctors Forum, Versailles, France.
  • “Bedside Manner – A Lost Art” (Conference Key Note Address), Independent Doctors Forum, Royal College of Physicians, London.
  • Presentation at HR Summit 2005 “Measurable Behaviour Change – The Missing Link” for Key Media, August 2005, Singapore.
  • Mediated approximately 20 Public Policy Community Consultations and large-scale rural environmental dispute on behalf of the New South Wales Government in Australia. These disputes were related to water allocation, native vegetation, use of ground water and irrigation.
  • He worked both in a training and a strategic capacity with the Sustainable Energy Authority of Victoria to support the engagement of industry in Energy Sustainability endeavours.
  • He is a regular provider of training to Conciliators of the Energy and Water Ombudsman of Victoria and has delivered conference addresses and training to their various organisational Partners conferences over the past 10 years.
  • Worked as representative negotiator, facilitator and trainer resolving international joint venture dispute between Western, Asian and Arab investment banking organisations.
  • Invitation from the late Emeritus Professor, Roger Fisher, Director of Harvard Negotiation Program, Faculty of Law, Harvard University, to visit the faculty and to sit on the Harvard Negotiation Think Tank.
  • Past Vice President and current Board Member of the Australian Dispute Resolution Association.
  • Appointed in 1999, by the University of Western Sydney College of Law and Business, to the position of Adjunct Professor for his contribution to the field of Negotiation and Alternative Dispute Resolution.
  • Taught several 3-day courses in Advanced Negotiation Skills at the Technical University of Budapest through an interpreter.
  • Teaches regularly at the KPMG/BME Academy in Budapest, Hungary, including Advanced Negotiation, Impact of personality in Dispute and Negotiation Skills Train the Trainer.
  • Invited to deliver keynote address to the Australian National Speakers Association National Conference 1998 and Co-Presented in 2008. Additionally he received the National Presidents Award.
  • Facilitated final plenary meeting during attendance at Australian/ Central European Countries (ACEC) Entrepreneurial Study Mission to the European Union, 8–16 March 2003, Brussels, Hanover, Vienna, Sopron and Budapest.
  • Member of the OECD Small to Medium Enterprise (SME) High Level Consultative Committee, Paris, France, whose role it was to bring Governments, Business leaders, politicians and non Government organisations to ratify Global policy for SME’s as part of the Bologna Process.
  • Presented the conference address “A World in need of a Global Peace Strategy” at the Australian National Mediation Conference, “Pathways Towards Dispute Management”, 18-20 September 2002, Canberra Australia.
  • Moderator for the INSME (International Network for Small to Medium Enterprises) Conference in Barcelona, Spain in 2005 – a joint venture between the Spanish and Italian Governments and the OECD to promote Innovation within the International community of SME’s. “International Cooperation to Seize Innovation Opportunities for SME’s”.
  • Performed the role of Strategic Facilitator for the Dept of Industry, Tourism and Resources in the bringing together, in each capital city, representatives from the top 250 energy-using companies in Australia for consultation on Stage 2 of the Energy Efficiency Opportunity Legislation. Aug to Nov 2005.
  • 2009 National Speakers Association Australia awarded Allan the Educator of Excellence award.
  • 2012 he was the National Speakers Association Australia, Nevin Award Recipient (Australia’s Highest Professional Speakers Award).
  • In 2012 he wrote Australia’s first degree in Negotiation for the Australian Catholic University. This degree was approved and accredited in March 2013.
  • 2012, for the 3rd time, he delivered the Key Note Address to the Australian National Mediation Conference, “Absolute Flexibility- Make the Model fit the Client, not the Client fit the Model”.
  • Delivered the Key Note address to the Beef Research Association, “The Dynamics of Change – Bringing Research to Life”.

What Client Say

  • Allan’s training and consulting style is unique. His sessions are best summed up in the following quotes:

    “… they are events which have a curious combination of theatre, education and self transformation. His approach is to build a base grounded in feelings of spontaneity, openness, warmth and generosity among the participants; he manages this without being contrived or manipulative. He has an excellent understanding of how to design a workshop which has natural rhythm and flow. He is prepared to improvise around a theme, or even to change direction if the mood of the group dictates. He can be humorous, clever, challenging, emphatic and serious. His sessions are not for the emotionally squeamish or excessively defensive.”

    Professor Mark Tennant,

    Dean of the Faculty of Adult Education

    University of Technology, Sydney

  • Allan’s training and consulting style is unique. His sessions are best summed up in the following quotes:

    “Absolutely riveting, professional and invaluable.”

    r. Roger Collins,

    Australian Graduate School of Management

  • Allan’s training and consulting style is unique. His sessions are best summed up in the following quotes:

    “Allan is a master presenter who weaves magic into every presentation.”

    Former Lady Mayoress of Sydney,

    Candy Tymson

  • “In 2015 I was lucky enough to have a friend introduce me to Allan Parker. At the time I had begun my tenure as GM of the sugar milling company Tully Sugar Ltd.”

    Based in Far North Queensland, the company is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Chinese state enterprise and Agri giant COFCO.

    A formal agreement governing the supply of sugar cane to the mill by growers was traditionally negotiated every 3 years. This had always been a difficult process. Neither of the previous two rounds of negotiations delivered satisfactory outcomes. Now it was my turn and the negotiations were being undertaken in one of the most fractious circumstances in many decades. Fundamental changes to who controlled the pricing of sugar cane were being introduced. A different approach to negotiating was called for.

    Barry Dunn, Former GM

    Tully Sugar Ltd

  • “In 2015 I was lucky enough to have a friend introduce me to Allan Parker. At the time I had begun my tenure as GM of the sugar milling company Tully Sugar Ltd.”

    It’s a long story to which a few words struggle to do justice, but this is the summary. Allan worked with my Board of Directors and senior management, we convened a 2 day workshop led by Allan that comprised (for the first time) a complete cross section of the sugar industry in Tully, including the respective negotiating teams. We left the two days with enhanced self awareness, a common language, a commitment to avoid the patterns of past failure and the tools to help do so. A few months later we led the entire Australian sugar industry in being the first region to sign an agreement. What’s more, the agreement included serious changes that addressed the needs of all parties to it. And the common language is still used.

    When I look back at my time leading Tully Sugar I feel really proud of what the company achieved in a number of areas – but establishing a heathy, respectful and effective relationship with the cane growers of the Tully region, in a time of great change, is right up there with the best. Thanks for that Allan.

    Barry Dunn, Former GM

    Tully Sugar Ltd