Community Consultation Negotiation

About Us

Allan Parker


Be it a public meeting, a staff think tank meeting, collecting the views of the community at large, a teacher/parent discussion about a required learning approach, a gathering to ascertain the needs of a sporting group or a church community, a family discussing an upcoming special birthday party, we are in the process of consulting and gathering perspectives, opinions, facts, ideas and innovation in almost everything we do when managing groups, communities or meetings.

The community at large considers and exercises its right to a “voice”. This also carries with it an expectation of being heard, understood and often that the contributions made are being considered or part of the decision making process.

Managing this process well can create extremely positive dynamics, generate great ideas, stimulate involvement, participation and innovation. The opposite is also true. Aligning the Purpose, Process, Participation with the expectations determines both the success of capturing useful information supporting critical decision making and thus the satisfaction of all parties.

Quality Community Consultation is clearly a HIGH PRIORITY. How each party/person can create a positive impact through being more skilful at negotiating throughout the process is the key success factor for all.

The Community Consultation Negotiation Program offered by Allan Parker explores the opportunities available to make the gathering of community views, ideas and agreements, public meetings, meetings in general, negotiating, planning and idea generating come together in a positive productive way that does encourage participation that produces valuable information and ideas.

Areas to be covered:

  • Defining what are the types and levels of Community Consultation and Negotiation
  • Identifying, agreeing and communicating clearly the purpose of a given Community Consultation
  • Early engagement communication processes
  • Designing the Process to match the Purpose and the People/Culture
  • How to accurately set the Expectations to the true Purpose and Process
  • Key Principles and Processes for managing groups
  • Facilitating groups to capture important and accurate information from all rather than an outspoken few
  • Facilitating groups to find common interest and co-creation and collective benefit (rather than the common patch protection or competing)
  • Dos and Don’ts for a productive Community Consultation Negotiation (CCN) meeting to allow all to in put
  • Gathering considered insightful contributions that feed the continuation of ongoing thought provoking conversations
  • Showing how diverse groups can easily find the illusive common thread and needs which they can agree upon
  • Assist diverse groups to find a common voice as well as allowing differences to be heard
  • Deliver a framework for conversations about creating as well as complaining & remediating
  • Being clear about who, how and when the decisions will be made and communicating it out before hand
  • Advising when Discussion will proceed Decision Making and not.
  • The linguistic science and art of asking questions in surveys, meetings and conversations
  • How to extrapolate information, data, opinion, accuracy, needs and workable agreement, ideas and options

Who would find this Program Invaluable?

  • Anyone who’s role includes gathering, extrapolating and using information, feedback, suggestions from a large group or community
  • Organisational development professionals
  • Senior bureaucrats
  • School principals
  • Community stakeholder co-ordinators
  • Department heads in any organisation
  • Social researchers
  • Professional change agents
  • Any professional who regularly runs large meetings who wants to increase the intelligence gathering and shared wisdom of a group
  • Anyone involved in running a Professional Association