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Allan Parker


Discovering why what works works and closing the gap between what you have now and what you want

I’ve read the books, done the courses, even did the one at Harvard, have a corporate Coach, I know how important it is to run tight, open, empowered, efficient, honest, team oriented everything – andand we still don’t do it!

What would it do for you and your work or business if you did what you know?

Corporate NLP is about turning what you know into what you do.

Over the past 20 years Allan Parker has been conducting the Corporate NLP program, a 2 day intensive introduction to How to Use the NLP Model in the Corporate World. Thousands of people have been through the course and tagged it as remarkable and life changing.

So what is NLP?

NLP is the identification, study and replication of Patterns of Excellence.

It is about making the complex look simple, about making the hard seem easy, it’s about doing a little and impacting a lot.

NLP is the study of what works. It identifies the strategies and models of high performance. What is happening when high performance is taking place, in your body, thinking, feelings, and in your communication with others? Then you apply NLP to improve your performance.

What skills will I learn?

Acuity -The art of astute observation and utilising non-verbal behaviour.

Rapport building -The ability to generate connection and build relationship rapidly. The application of this to performance management team building and customer service.

Pacing and Leading

  • Transition from problem to outcome thinking
  • Shifting paradigms
  • Giving instructions – overt and covert
  • Linking skills
  • Influencing others’ behaviour non-verbally
  • Create intrigue, build interest, hold attention
  • Alter logical levels of thinking

What are the benefits?

  • You will think more clearly
  • You will learn to use intuition
  • You will gain greater cooperation from others
  • You will influence behaviours in positive, constructive ways
  • You will have many options for creating positive results in negative or difficult situations
  • You will improve results in managing conflict

What Client Say

  • “Allan is extremely knowledgeable and technically proficient, but his ability to transfer practical skills effectively to course participants really sets him apart. In every course segment, there are insights which are extremely valuable in transforming one’s approach to make it more effective, and I’ve found these gains persist over time.”

    Peter Dale, Division Director, Macquarie Bank

  • “I normally think training is worthwhile if I get one practical, useable idea. The Corporate NLP course gave me several in just the first half day, and they just kept on coming.

    Pauline Cahill, Public Service Commission

  • “My team and I have attended several of Allan’s courses, including Negotiation Skills and Corporate NLP. Additionally, Allan has steered and coached us through several successful sales pitches and some major client interactions. In every case, Allan has been nothing but professional, considerate and brilliant! Importantly in Allan’s line of work, Allan has been able to “reach” every person that we have put in front of him. Apart from what we have learnt from Allan, the fact that BNP Paribas can access someone of Allan’s talent has been motivational for our staff.”

    Chris Briant, Head of Sales and Relationship Management

    BNP Parisbas Securities Services, Australasia

  • “This program helps us to apply NLP subtly, as well as explicitly, bringing learning to a new height. These small group classrooms have been the catalyst to helping me and my team to negotiate better, communicate more effectively and be better leaders.”

    Wai Choon Butt, General Manager

    Microsoft OEM Division, Asia Pacific Region

  • “Absolutely riveting, professional and invaluable.”

    Dr. Roger Collins, Australian Graduate School of Management

  • “I haven’t enjoyed myself as much for ages – or learned as much.”

    Maree Thomas, Managing Director,

    Investment Edge