Peak Performance

Learning to Coach | Coaching to Learn Online Program


Allan Parker

Online Learning to Coach | Coaching to Learn

A new realm

By liberating learning using neuroscience

New online learning laboratory

24/7 – self paced


For everyone who wants to discover learning your way

The “way” of learning fits the learner not the learner fitting “the way”

Out with the old rules in with the multi sensory brain stimulation choices

Parent/child model out – Peer learning partners in

10 Modules

  • Module 1: Know your Best Coach – Your Brain
  • Module 2: Curiosity – Learning Fuel
  • Module 3: Coaching to Learn, Be Living Example
  • Module 4: Two Ways of Learning x 6
  • Module 5: Why, What, How of Learning
  • Module 6: Stress Reduction And Anxiety
  • Module 7: Deepening Desire to Learn
  • Module 8: Freeing the Explorer. Experimenter, Discoverer, Inventor
  • Module 9: Be the Lesson
  • Module 10: Mapping What Works
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