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The Negotiation Skills Course that goes beyond Winning to Maximising

Negotiating is the single most frequently used skill in the business world at every level and is probably BUSINESS SUCCESS FACTOR No 1.

The Negotiator’s Toolkit Seminar has been conducted in many of Australia’s major Corporations and Government Agencies as well as organizations throughout Asia such as Microsoft, Exxon, Federal Express and Arab Malaysia Bank. It has also been conducted in London and at the Technical University of Budapest, Hungary.

Who should attend?

  • Managers and executives whose staff need to produce significant revenue from negotiation
  • Any manager whose key result areas or key result indicators are dependent on regular, sophisticated or complex negotiations
  • HR professionals and academics
  • Dispute resolution professionals and academics
  • Sales executives and sales trainers

This 2-day program offers a new approach to Negotiation Skills. Many negotiation programs do not move beyond the standard bargaining mindset. This process, however, shifts to an approach that focuses on four core negotiation principals

You will learn:

To think like a negotiator – Explore how your thinking impacts upon the negotiation process. Learn the effect of the ‘adversarial or cooperative mindset’ – beliefs which frequently limit the options to winning, losing or ‘splitting the difference’.

To strategise your negotiation – Identify and understand the impact of different strategies within a negotiation. Understand the diversity of styles available in negotiations and the impact they have.

To communicate as an effective negotiator – Learn communication tools that will increase your effectiveness as a negotiator. You will be able to establish and maintain rapport, maintain a positive state throughout a challenging negotiation, listen, respond and question, and utilise a range of agreement generating skills.

To build lasting relationships – Understand the importance of maintaining relationships while managing content and process. You will learn to maintain productive relationships based on mutual needs and enhance success and ensure ongoing and long-term alliances.

The skills you will take away from this program are:

  • To think like a negotiator
  • Create “agreement-focused” negotiations
  • Plan to win before you begin
  • Handle high emotional states – yours and theirs
  • Control process through “pacing and leading”
  • Influence others through their values
  • Turn objections into agreements
  • Promote mutually beneficial results
  • Rapidly build rapport for successful negotiations
  • Halve the time and double the effectiveness
  • To move from “stuck states” to resourceful states
  • Apply a strategic framework for successful negotiation
  • Stay on track by establishing a clear purpose frame
  • Identify and build upon existing agreement
  • Ask quality questions and effectively respond
  • Build rapport to enrich relationships
  • Learn how to identify and de-escalate conflict

What Client Say

  • “It formulated what I have been unconsciously doing in negotiations. Once you have a formula, others can learn from it. It was a very powerful and enlightening workshop.”

    Mark Addison,

    Dibbs Abbott Stillman Lawyers

  • “Two years ago I attended The Negotiator’s Toolkit course run by Allan Parker. At that time I managed a team of two people. Since then I have actively applied the techniques taught to me by Allan and as a result I have more than doubled my income and now successfully run a team of 27 people. Effective communication and negotiation, which once seemed so difficult, now come very naturally and easily for me. I have subsequently sent most of my team to the same course and have seen immediate improvements in the way each of them negotiates.”

    Chris Henwood,Site Acquisitions Manager,


  • “My first negotiation was only hours after the negotiation course. I had done business in Asia with reasonable success. I now have Allan to thank for taking me to a deeper level of negotiation. I had opportunity to embrace tools that enabled me to be mindful of negotiaton styles and look for ways to match my style to ones less familiar. I practised becoming a more courageous listener – one who listened for queues and responded more effectively. Allan offers practical tools, useful examples and inspiring experiences to help move participants beyond their expectations. You leave the training room consciously aware of some masterful negotiation tactics but also with an urgency to practise them in business and personal interactions, especially when agreement is the outcome.”

    Tahnya Butterfield-Gill, Consultant,

    Source Asia Pacific

  • “Allan Parker has a unique ability in being able to deliver the concepts and benefits of The Negotiators Toolkit. This course has opened my eyes and mind to the application of these concepts in my business and personal worlds. The delivery methods and entertaining ways of Allan Parker make this training course an absolute must for every manager in business today. The high value these skills bring, to my organisation and to my personal life, I believe give me an edge that places me one step ahead. The return on your organisation’s investment is immediate! Allan Parker and The Negotiator’s Toolkit, don’t leave home without them!”

    David C.Lloyd, Professional Services Manager

    Planwell Technology

  • “Allan Parker’s Negotiation Skills course, The Negotiator’s Toolkit, allows every participant to recognise their existing skills in negotiation, and to build on them. The course is high energy, very stimulating, and fun! Allan is one of the best teachers I have ever come across, and he uses a range of techniques to convey his own extensive experience and knowledge. He gives individual attention to the needs of each participant and also allows the opportunity for participants to learn from the experiences of the others attending. My facilitation and dispute resolution work has been greatly enhanced by attending the course, which I strongly recommend to anyone involved in these areas.”

    Jane Elix, Facilitator in Dispute Resolution

    Community Solutions

  • “Everyone, but everyone should take the opportunity of participating in The Negotiator’s Toolkit seminar – it is a key to life success. I gained an enormous amount from this course, and there is so much more to learn and grow by applying what one learns in the seminar to each and every one of our daily situations. Undertanding that we negotiate all the time – first and foremost with our own selves and that there is a way to improve these processes which is simple, effective and ethical – that is crucial! Everyone from school children to retirees should take this seminar to improve the quality of their lives.”

    Amos Gileadi, Managing Director

    Bonsip International