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A selection of course testimonials follow. Additional testimonials can be read on the individual course pages under Public Workshops.

“It’s very hard to summarise just how good these courses are. They are creative, thought provoking, inspiring and most importantly practical and beneficial to use in your business and personal life. The best reference I can give for Allan Parker’s courses is that I would, and do, refer them to all my fellow colleagues in the industry without hesitation. “

Ty Thurgood

BNP Paribas Securities Services

“I must say that Allan Parker’s Negotiation and general communications programs have been a valuable tool in the development of groups and individuals with EnergyAustralia. His uncanny ability to receive and send information at all levels across a broad audience has been well received.”

Bruce Napper

Energy Australia

“I just wanted to say thanks for the courses I attended with you. They have been the most rewarding classes overall in my MBA program. I have now decided to go back to Norway, and hopefully get involved in alternative dispute resolution over there.”

Rolf Borresen

La Trobe University, Mebourne

“Allan offers practical tools, useful examples and inspiring experiences to help move participants beyond their expectations. You leave the training room consciously aware of some masterful negotiation tactics but also with an urgency to practise them in business and personal interactions, especially when agreement is the outcome.”

Tahnya Butterfield-Gill

Source Asia Pacific on The Negotiator's Toolkit Course

“The Negotiator’s Toolkit training workshop was one of the most valuable two days I have spent away from the office. It is obvious that Allan is a man with widespread experience, razor-edge intellect and a passion for ensuring that a person’s needs are met (the key, I now know, to successful negotiating). No matter what a person’s background, this workshop has a pearl to offer: sift through the sand of notes, new concepts and changing paradigms, and it will be revealed. Allan and his team ensure the course is meticulously planned and yet there is so much about the two days that is spontaneous and inspirational.”

David McGovern

Wesley Mission on The Negotiator's Toolkit Course

“Observing Allan Parker teach for me was knowing I was in the presence of a true professional. He is equally adept at both presenting and teaching presentation skills and being in his workshop has vastly added to my own repertoire. To sum up Allan is the presenter’s presenter.”
“Allan’s presentations are energised by his style and informative due to his commitment to remaining current with the literature and always relevant with his finger ever present on the pulse of industry. He’s so good at what he does I’ve turned over sections of my own training courses to Allan for the purpose of seeing that his expertise is shared with my audiences. I would recommend his work without reservation.”
“I normally think training is worthwhile if I get one practical, useable idea. The Corporate NLP course gave me several in just the first half day, and they just kept on coming.”

Pauline Cahill

on Corporate NLP Training

“Absolutely riveting, professional and invaluable.”

Dr. Roger Collins

on Corporate NLP Training