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Allan Parker


Stimulating neurons to reduce Stress and anxiety, improve reading, concentration, memory and writing, Saturday 16th June, 10 am to noon at the Pullman Hotel, Abbott Street Cairns. Pre registration is essential. $50.00 plus gst by credit card.

How much do you know about how you think?

How much time do you spend considering how you think? Or do you zoom through your day to day list of activities, meetings and projects like most, in auto pilot, using the same thought process today as you did yesterday and the day before?

Same thinking equals same behaviour and same behaviour equals same results…….dangerous formula? Perhaps.

The world is changing around us rapidly and technology is continuously changing, innovating and altering our way of being and interacting.

Some important questions you might want to ask yourself:

  • Do you know how you currently think?
  • Can you observe and describe how someone else thinks?
  • Do you know how to change your thinking or your beliefs?
  • Do you know what a paradigm shift is?
  • Do you know how to produce one in yourself, in someone else, in a team, or, lets be ambitious, in an organization?
  • When did you last have one?
  • How did you do it?
  • Could you explain it to someone else in a way that would allow them to create one?

Mental flexibility and an agile mind are the current number one competitive advantages available in business, and most of us don’t know how to play the game and are not fit enough to play the mental game.

Many of us do some form of exercise to keep our body fit and healthy but have we considered our mind? We don’t exercise it or understand how to use it.

This session will spark your awareness of how little you know about your mind, brain and thinking. It will give you insights into some simple variables that you can play around with to get your brain fitter and more flexible. It will give you some simple methods to assist you in understanding how you can change your thinking and how you might influence someone else in changing their thinking.

Purpose of The Switch on your Brain Again Workshop:

The purpose of this workshop is to provide awareness of, and changes to, the way we think which will result in a change in behaviours at a deep habit level which will lead to leveraging a shift in our corporate culture ie to unlock latent potential.

Learning Outcomes:

Upon completion each participant will:

  • Have a greater awareness of their thinking style,limitations and areas of potential improvement.
  • Have greater understanding about how their brain works and how to stimulate unused areas of the brain (increase available circuitry).
  • Have a variety of practical tools that will allow them to continuously improve HOW they think.
  • Have greater mental flexibility.
  • Have greater understanding of how their thinking impacts on their emotions, energy, stress levels, behaviour and hence performance.
  • Have experienced an improvement in their reading speed,problem solving, drawing ability
  • Have greater integration between the left and right hemispheres of the brain.
  • Have the ability to Mind Map and Process map (planning and tracking methods).

This program is designed to explore, understand and change HOW you think (not WHAT you think). It is largely based on the latest work on brain research as well as the book “Switch on your Brain”.