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Allan Parker

Switch on Your Brain


Switch on Your Brain
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Switch on Your Brain is Allan Parker’s first book and has been a best seller since its publication in 1986. At this time Allan was specialising in the areas of health, adult education, counselling and social communication.

In conjunction with colleagues in these areas, break through realisations were made about how to identify and correct imbalances in the left and right brain functioning. As a result, the two sides of the brain are “switched on” so that learning potential is maximised.

Switching on your brain, switches on your potential!

How many of us have found ourselves hampered in our work and at home because we can’t take a balanced view. If this is you, then you’re probably a lop-sided left or right brain person.

This imbalance shows in other ways too: some of us suffer social embarrassment because of poor muscular co-ordination. Some even fall asleep at inconvenient times! Increasingly too we demand more of our students, staff and sports people who need to operate to their optimum potential.

To be an active learner and a whole person, why not try Educational Kinesiology, a method of integrating left and right brain processes? Put simply, the techniques in Switch on Your Brain will improve your left and right brain co-ordination. The exciting thing is that you can see results quickly – in some cases, immediately.

The tests and exercises can be done at home. Easy to use, they are safe for all to try.

By increasing our capacity to learn, we can all improve our performance and enhance our self-esteem. Switch on Your Brain has helped many people change their lives, especially those with obvious learning difficulties, and the efficacy of this approach has been proved over many years.


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