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Would Could Might (Pre-order)


Allan Parker

Would Could Might (Pre-order)


Would Could Might – the Art and Science of Speculative Thinking is a tool of guidance for a new way of reading, operating, expanding thinking, a way of experimenting and most of all new ways of learning.

The world as it exists today, post-COVID, during Russia and Ukraine war, during the war between Israel and Palestine in the humanitarian crisis in Gaza, added to that, inflation, social unrest, requires each one of us humans being to pause, draw a breath, and reset our brains for new neural ignition.

In 1984, with Margaret Cutler-Stuart, I wrote Switch on Your Brain. Yes, neuroplasticity in the 80’s. Yes! We were considered to be a bit crazy by quite a few who thought that the brain was much harder wired that we know now it to be. May you come to realise that everything we do, say, think is reshaping how the brain is.

May this book – Would Could Might be the next version of Switch on Our Brains?


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